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Hi Charles,

Sorry but I have very little time at the moment so have not responded earlier.

OK after looking at the reports on 0 – Hours, 1 – hour and 48 – hour, it is evident as I have told you in the past that the hydrolysate is a great bacterial food and also an influential fungal food .

A brief explanation of how your product influences and accelerates plant growth.

Plants release simple sugars to feed bacteria, which in turn solubilise soil elements (NPK etc & Micro nutrients) that the plants require. The SAMPI fish products is similar in nature (not exactly) to these sugars released from plants, also with nutrients solubilised by the hydrolysis process, and this in turn promotes soil bacteria blooms. In both cases these bacteria full of the elements cannot supply the plant in this form as it is inside their biomass (stomach’s for want of a better word).

Protozoa are the next higher level predators in the soil microbial world, protozoa need to consume the bacteria to satisfy their Carbon to Nitrogen ratio of 30:1 (bacteria 5:1), the waste material released from the protozoa is totally plant available organic nutrition.

It is evident from the SFI lab analysis that the SAMPI Fish product is an excellent source of bacterial foods and nutrition. This is evident from the excellent total bacterial biomass levels and by the subsequent high levels of protozoa numbers as a consequence of the bacterial blooms. Where the plant available nitrogen levels are at 100 to 150 lbs/ac (112 to 170 kg/ha) this is generally an ideal level for most production crops. In excess of these levels generally induces high levels of vegetative growth which results in lower than expected yields later than normal ripening of the fruits or grains. Levels below this reacts in the reverse, earlier ripening lower yields insufficient vegetative growth.

So it is all about the right balance of plants nutrients and the SAMPI fish product goes a long way to supplying plant soil microbes the resources they need to produce well balanced crops and soils.

I will not go into nematodes, earthworm or micro arthropods influences on plant behaviour as i simply do not have the time.

Kind regards
Bill Avery
Biological Agronomist
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