11b Keble Heights Photos and info

Date Event Price Vendor
1994 June 18 House building licence 11398 approved
1995 Oct 20 Sold $120,000 Ascoli Holdings Pty Ltd
2002 Patio building licence 19907
2003 Nov 26 Sold $237,000 Francesco Cavoli & Guiseppina Cavoli
2004 Oct 17 Sold $305,000 Donald Thompson & Sarah Thompson
2009 Carport building permit 27945
2011 Jan 12 Sold $465,000 Ellery Ruth Akerstrom & Robert Joseph Akerstrom

History details can be bought from Landgate for $25.. I have not done so but I think the above is accurate.

This house was purchased for $465,000 in 2008, at the request of my then partner, who then changed her mind and went to live in Perth with no discussion.
I have purchased a 10 acre block of land in South Australia and when I sell this house I will use that money to build a house and start a new life.
Moving things interstate is not going to be cheap, and so I will be leaving some things behind.

The Fridge / Freezer was bought specifically to fit in the space it is in. I am selling that with the house.
The Fish in the fish pond stay with the house.
The ADSL modem has ethernet cable going to; TV in main living area, computer room, roof space for RFID door lock & the main bedroom.
The LED strip lights in the theater room have a remote control to change colour & brightness.
The TV & cabinet will probably stay with the house.
The lounge suite will probably stay with the house.

City of Bunbury rates on 26/09/2014 was $1,643.37 for one year.
The Aquest Water supply was $190.04 per quarter, or about $ 760 per year.
My Aquest consumption charge was $57.07 for Feb 2015 per quarter, while I had two house mates living with me.
The Water Corporation sewerage connection charge was $146.54 for September / October, or about $880 per year.

The Synergy electricity power bill is about $240 per two months, or about $1,440 per year.
This has been estimated by Synergy.

The Alinta energy gas bill was $25.5 per quarter, or about $102 per year.
My house & contents insurance is $806.22 for the year.
There are periods where the house was empty for weeks at a time so these bills are probably lower than if the house was occupied.

This house is in a termite prone area, and Western Allpest services maintain and inspect for termites once a year for $190.91.
To treat for spiders is an extra $100 once a year if needed.

The Solar Hart hot water system should have a service every 5 years.
It was installed on 27/5/2004 and serviced on 5/5/2009 and 10/7/2014.
It has had a new thermostat installed in May 2015, but may have failed a few months earlier and I did not notice due to the warmer weather.
The next service is due around 10/7/2019.

The 1.9 kW solar power system was installed by “A Woman’s Spark” in Dec 2011 and should have no maintenance costs.

The roller doors need a dry lubricant such as Lithium grease sprayed along the guilds every couple of years, as do all roller doors and roller blinds.

Problems with the back fence & retaining wall.

The neighbours stacked 700mm of sand against the boundary fence, which broke the fence and damaged the retaining wall.
This is an ongoing dispute and I am working on fixing this problem before I sell the house.

Paint used on faceure and guttering.
Solver Duraguard Low sheen acrylic Colorbond Wheat, formula 24927.
B 16  C 2Y-8  F 5

Paint used on cement sheeting under eaves.
Solver trade ceiling toned white base. Powdercoat Magnolia, formula 69546.
B 10   C 1Y-24 ½   L 1Y-17